Afghan-American Coalition Releases Call to Action for U.S. Government Assistance to Afghanistan 

August 17, 2021 -- Decades of conflict and the execution of the U.S. military withdrawal in Afghanistan have all contributed to this worsening humanitarian catastrophe. The Afghan-American Coalition, an alliance of organizations advocating for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, is releasing a call to action advocating for immediate steps to be taken by the U.S. government. 

  1. Prioritize emergency evacuations for Afghans: 

    • Leverage U.S. influence to secure the Karzai International Airport in Kabul and supply additional government-run evacuation flights for Afghans.

  2. Expand and expedite processing P-1/P-2/Special Immigrant Visas:

    • Broaden eligibility and remove unnecessary barriers to meet strict requirements for P1, P2, and SIVs that significantly delay the approval process, and increase processing capacity. 

    • Create a special humanitarian parole program to meet this urgent need.

    • Use diplomatic channels to urge allies to drop visa requirements.

  3. Deliver immediate humanitarian assistance: 

    • Provide urgent humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in Afghanistan, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), women-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs), persecuted ethnic and religious groups targeted by the Taliban, and others.

    • Help establish a humanitarian corridor and secure a guarantee from the Taliban to allow humanitarian NGOs and their supply chains to operate freely in all areas.

  4. Welcome Afghan refugees: 

    • Increase the annual refugee allocation by 100,000 and reassess based on need.

    • Instate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for all Afghan refugees. 

The Afghan-American Coalition will serve as a hub for action and resources to directly address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The group amplifies short and long term local, state, and national efforts to achieve policy goals that expedite protection for vulnerable and targeted communities within Afghanistan. Coalition members include the Afghan-American Foundation, Afghan-American Women's Collective, Partnership for the Advancements of New Americans, Afghans for a Better Tomorrow, Afghan-American Community Organization, Afghan Diaspora for Equality and Progress, and The Samovar Network, among others. 

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