Afghanistan is facing a HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE. Take action now!


Contact your members of Congress to advocate for humanitarian relief and protection.

What you can say when you call

Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], I am one of the [REPRESENTATIVE’S/SENATOR’S] constituents living in [YOUR CITY/TOWN, STATE]. I ask that the [REPRESENTATIVE/SENATOR] advocate for concrete actions to support the Afghan people. These include:

  • Prioritize Emergency Evacuations for Afghans: The U.S. must secure the Karzai International Airport in Kabul and supply additional government-run evacuation flights for Afghans.

  • Expand and Expedite Processing P-1/P-2/Special Immigrant Visas: The U.S. must broaden eligibility and remove unnecessary barriers to meet strict requirements for P1, P2, and SIVs that significantly delay the approval process, and increase processing capacity.

  • Deliver Immediate Humanitarian Assistance: The U.S. must immediately provide urgent humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in Afghanistan, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), women-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs), persecuted ethnic and religious groups targeted by the Taliban, and others. 

  • Welcome Afghan Refugees: The U.S. must increase the annual refugee allocation by 100,000 and reassess based on need. In parallel, the U.S. must instate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for all Afghan refugees.